With 2 small children at the age of 44 I had really let my own health and wellness become less and less of a priority. Working full time and being a single mom I needed my energy and focus more than ever. Shay helped me to take the time I had and make the best of it. With more knowledge about my diet, fitness and overall health it has really made a big impact in my life.
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Working with Shay has been instrumental in my overall wellness. Not only is Shay very knowledgeable, but also kind, funny, and encouraging.  Her approach was just what I needed in order to make the necessary lifestyle changes so I could start feeling like myself again.
Shay is amazing!  As a single mom and business owner, it is extremely hard to stay on track.  Shay gave me the tools to help me lose weight and keep it off. I love the daily checklist and accountability!
I call Shay my “Functional Lifestyle Coach.” Working with her has been a transformative experience. Her deep understanding of balancing hormonal changes during this phase of life has empowered me to reclaim control of my well-being. From managing mood swings to improving sleep and energy levels, her guidance and support have been invaluable. Thanks to her, I now confidently embrace this journey, armed with practical tools and knowledge to optimize my health. Highly recommend!